CEO Mark Hawthorn named Insider Property Disruptor

MANCHESTER, 27 July 2017 – Today, Mark Hawthorn CEO of Landmark Investments Group has been announced as one of Insider’s Property Disruptors.

The Insider Property Disruptors are a new generation of entrepreneurial innovators are ripping up the rule book and helping take the North West’s property industry forward. In a new special online feature, Insider is profiling 25 of these “disruptors” across the course of this week, and taking a closer look at the new ideas and concepts which are revolutionising the world of property.

Mark’s Profile

At just 36, Hawthorn has already been in property for 20 years and run Landmark for 17. The group is principally involved in the purchase of commercial and residential ground rents. There are also management and insurance as well as Hawthorn’s newest venture – a residential development underwriting service.

“We follow where we see value and opportunity which is generally in the opposite direction to where the general market is going,” he says. “This contrarian, but ultimately common sense, approach ensured we were well protected during the downturn and have continued to grow year on year.”

The new service Landmark Development Solutions (LDS) removes both the pricing and demand risks for developers and their lenders through an underwriting offer: “As developers are not selling into today’s market but a future one they cannot accurately and confidently predict pricing and demand which creates risk for them and their lenders.

“Whilst we remove all the risk the rewards do not disappear alongside and we leave a large element of the upside available for the developer.”

Hawthorn says this business has the potential to dwarf Landmark’s ground rents operations and will be rolled out nationally going forward. Meanwhile, the ground rents portfolio is expected to clear £50m this year and could reach £85-90m in 2018.

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