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Strangeways Estate


Strangeways Estate


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This was one of our earlier commercial ground rent investments and certainly the messiest.

The original owner of a lot of the land was the Earl of Ducie, although the title didn’t come with our purchase. What we did get was around 42 acres of land, across multiple parcels covering hundreds of tenants of all shapes and sizes.

The former owner lived in Monaco and had bought this portfolio yet done nothing with it over his long period of ownership. We acquired and then set to work understanding the assets, not as simple as it sounds when the leases date back to the 1850’s.

Whilst the area has come along in the years since our purchase we can still see a great deal of growth potential as many of the proposed developments come out of the ground and a community builds.


“We will consider any type of residential ground rent and work with our clients to structure the transaction that works best for them.”
Mark Hawthorn - CEO

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