Residential Ground Rents

We will consider any type of residential ground rent and work with our clients to structure the deal that works best for them.

We deal with ground rents on any of the following:

  • Houses or flats, modern and traditional
  • Portfolios
  • Company purchases
  • Stock with short leases (a short lease is anything under 80 yrs)
  • Conversions including Listed and unusual properties
  • Older ground rents with low rents, typically terraced houses
  • Sites with management issues
  • Sites with lots of arrears
  • Peppercorn or no rental income sites
  • Defective leases
  • Missing information
  • Probate cases where information maybe in poor order

It’s common knowledge the sale of ground rents provide a welcome addition to profits at the end of a development. Here at Landmark Investments Group we have devised a straight forward initiative to allow developers to sell their ground rents in advance of completion, in many cases before construction has even started.  We’ve even completed deals where funds released from the ground sale were used to acquire the development site in question.

Generous commissions are always available for new introductions.

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