Creating Ground Rents

Our free service is available to anybody who has a development and it will help them get the most from creating ground rents.  Our wealth of experience means we can review leases and suggest amendments to increase the value – a well-structured lease can be worth over 100 times more than a poor one, on a large site this difference could be more than £1 million, all of which is profit. It is worth noting that any amendments we make will have no impact upon sales. We would warn strongly against “too good to be true” deals as while the ground rent value could be very high it can become impossible to sell units.

The optimisation of leases ensures the most profit is delivered from a site which will drive GDV and assist with lending. We work with lenders and owners alike to demonstrate the benefits of ground rents and are always happy to chat anything through.

Generous commissions are always available for new introductions.

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