The Landmark Promise

Ground rent transactions are typically overly complicated and as a result, move very slowly through legals. At Landmark Investments we are committed to breaking the mould by delivering straightforward and streamlined completions for all of our developer partners. The Landmark Promise detailed below, outlines our commitment on every agreed deal.

We Promise

  • A Shareholder Director will remain on hand throughout every transaction

  • We will respond swiftly to all communication and keep you updated throughout the process

  • All of our panel lawyers will take a proactive approach to progressing to completion as quickly as possible

  • If issues arise, which is often unavoidable, you will find us both flexible and pragmatic in overcoming them

  • Our professionalism will continue long after completion as we begin our relationship with the leaseholders

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  • Mark Hawthorn

    Mark Hawthorn

  • Ben Ogunby

    Ben Ogunby

  • Andrew Savage

    Andrew Savage

  • Abbie Harrison

    Abbie Harrison

  • David Lathwood

    David Lathwood

  • Steven Nobes

    Steven Nobes

  • David Rainford

    David Rainford

  • Gareth Milner

    Gareth Milner

  • Jessica Whalley

    Jessica Whalley


  • Residential Ground Rents

    Residential Ground Rents

    We are experts in residential ground rents, working with developers of all sizes from PLC's through to local housebuilders.

  • Commercial Ground Rents

    Commercial Ground Rents

    We lead the way in assisting vendors to generate and release additional value through commercial ground rents.

If you have any opportunities that you would like to discuss contact Ben Ogunby today

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